Ho chi minh day 1 part 1

It a restless night and met van at airport at 5am. Touch down met up with her sis and parent plus a new singaporean friend, martin who came over also for business trip. The sister treat us and her parent to the chinese resturant and i was skeptical at first about how nice they had said they vietnam counterpart prepare chinese food. I was impressed. 

The suckling duck is skinned in front of us and rolled carefully into presentation and served. 

Then 2nd dish is a round of crab meat soup which the presentation couldnt justify the taste. But believe me it is awsome. 

When they brought over the 3rd dish i was like think it is a orange bamboo or something, cause it is the size of a toilet roll centerpriece. At close observation i realise it is prawn!!! Or shrimp whichever term that is larger. It is the largest fucking prawn i encounter in my life. 

I placed a soup spoon beside for ur comparison, the prawn is gargantuan. They are all shelled off in front of you, you wouldnt need to move a finger literally. Correction you need cause the prawn is consume using fork and knife. 

For prawn/shrimp this big usually you get it dry up, but the preparation is correct making the whole prawn succulent. 

4th dish is a plate of hong kong noodle. 

Lastly, my favorite. 虾耙子。Or commonly know as the squirting prawn. As usual comes in xxl portion. We were bloated and satisfied. The sisters foot the bill to a total of 3,000,000 dong. The meal cause 3 million dong and is equals to $190 sgd for 7 persons. Around $28 per pac and it is considered luxurious by vietnam standard. 

After meal, van wants to part us to shop for herselve, so she sister host her hospitality by bringing us to a local beauty salon and she say it is very good. I was a bit wary of the pricing initially. Cause the serve is so good, so attention to details and all putting their heart and soul with very single stroke of massage. And the hair washing is by no mean wishy washy. I soon realize why. 

Vietnamese practice tipping cause they close relationship to the westernized culture. It is service first, tips later. Not like singapore, price is fixed and customer service in singapore is just being taken a ride for. 

I was so tired, i fell asleep during hair cutting, styling and washing. The whole duration took almost a 2 hours. Majority of the time is spend washing, conditioning your hair, wash face and apply mask and during waiting time they provide excellent massage to your head and shoulder. It is too nice not to fall asleep. All in all 3 person combo is only $50 dollars including tipping. Why should i keep worry about money when they only cost peanuts.....

To be contined



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