2014 resolution & wishlist

Now time to do resolution and summarize past year effort. Out of the 4 resolution I set last year, met only 2.

For year 2013

Achieve 3k/month profit for buyincase shop
Lose 8kg body weight to 72kg (kind of look thinner)
Get a property agent license (Achieved)
Get to 3 different country this year (Went to Shen Yang)

Alright at least the most important aspect had been met. I had already obtained my RES licence and I am going to plan Vietnam trip this month. Hence, nutshell 2013 is fruitful year for me. Most importantly, I had myself a job that is providing me what I had always wanted in life. Although tiring but still more or less fruitful change in my life. Importantly, CPF contribution starts coming in. It is good.

Haha, so far already 4 DSO packs bag and get out of the job and punch card liao. They were Shermine, Keith, Mo Cheng and Mandy chronologically. What doesn't kill you made you strong siol. Saying me, I had made a promise to myself to work harder in year 2014. $8000/ month is not a dream, it is all in my mind. 

So speaking of which my resolution in 2014 as follow:
  1. Get paycheck of 8k a month in Citibank
  2. Close my first listing in Property
  3. Euro Trip
Lastly, I would like to end it short. Happy new year 2014 to all!! 



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