The wrong way to make a cafe su dai

Today my off day got some spare time at home and I think how about using some time to play with my Vietnam phin filter someone brought me N years ago. But I ran out of vietnam coffee bean, I used Colombia bean instead.

A very powerful vietnam chief had share her guide on how to brew a Vietnam authentic coffee.

And yes I literally listening to vietnam song while waiting for the brewing process like how she had recommended. And NO it didn't make the waiting less painful for me. The brewing process a almost 8 minutes. That will depend on your compression and the coarse of the bean. I guess why Vietnam coffee are cold by the time I reach the table. Cafe su dai is more popular i guess.

Alright. My coffee is ready now at this point of writting. Let me go try it....

Okie judging the color of my coffee I believe it too light and diluted compare to the Long phung coffee. It taste absolute no where like the one i had. Phewwww

Taste like drain water. So light. Nabei. 

I did use the Hario coffee grinder. At least that one still produce desire result of grinned bean

Please do not see my brewing process. Really fuck up. Okie wash up time. Then off me go watch some Vietnam clip on youtube already.



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