Got my vr0078 prada prematurely

Okie la. I cheated. Was planning to get the prada briefcase when I close my 400k but I secretly brought it yesterday at Meriot Hotel prematurely. No I haven't yet close my 400k :p Suppose to work at Cathay but I just spend my weekend shopping away. 6 hours around Orchard looking something for my own Christmas present. Good thing being single is to have all the time and money to pamper myself or who will pamper me otherwise? I now feel for the women why they want to remain single and go shopping for themselves. It is high.

Saw Miranda at Meriot hotel and she just rara me to buy the bag saying that this is the right size and etc. So impulsively I brought it and instantly becoming gold member.

Got $240 taka voucher for prestige card challange and go taka hunt for free gift, stumble upon coffee siphon maker, and I waste no time to add it into my collection of all my coffee maker collection. I would want to share in the later post about all my coffee maker :)

Go armani exchange to get 2 causal belt, because they say a men in the 30 must have some good belt in the wardrobe. All in all spend 3k plus yesterday. My wallet shrink in size totally. But don't care, its christmas soon right?

Total damage $3000+. I really need to control my spending. Insurance and road tax coming. Fuck. 


Ya suppose to be working here de mah!



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