My lovely prada card holder and a briefcase probably

This dec month got a big catch for me. Happen to sign up a cm with 670k annual income. Call me back for max cap loan. If being approve for 8x cl she can take a 400k loan then i get $4,800 comm on her alone. Finger crossed because the procedure is very hinderous with TDSR policy and risky trade for bank to grant up to 8x cl. 

If i close her i shall buy my dream bag from prada! 

Fuck!! This bag is a no joke can? All serious and elegant. Very loud yet in a subtle approach. Total blow me off when the saleman open the side with an a4 folder compartment. This is what i had been looking for. 

Went to paragon to have a look and see it is whooping $3,480!! I cannot part with this money unless my loan gets approved. That will be my motivation! I marry anyone who buy me this as a present. 

Instead i stumble upon this nice card holder and decide to invest in it. $360 for just this small little card holder. But for the functionality and style, i think its totally worth it and i love it so far. 

Mo chen one of the top sale from my batch. An example how being in a right team and given the correct assistant can make such a big different. 

Just put up a good fight for nov month target. Remember i was always shorting on loan, surprisingly nov i sail through my loan with 72k due to my able to convert and ping pong the staff loan. One cm and i hit my target. Last week for me is an all out 7 days at instant branches. Fight ntb and slide app for instant and i was happy that i catch up my 11 ntb in the last 7 days. Also noting that i return paul loan by giving one ntb back. 

Korean bbq with van and brough ipad mini retina. I think i might had overspent this month. Fuck. 

Van's paycheck for the month in cash ^^ earn more than me. If our income can be subtained, buying palm oasis is not a dream anymore. However i don't think our pay is subtainable. We were both in the quick cash industries. 



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