Being asked to leave citi

I think after so many chances given to me, when I still take it for granted, the pressure cooker finally letting off some stream today. I invited to meeting room and this is the first time going with TM alone. Just uncommon for Team CT to be inside room lah. Hansel wanna "gai guat" me in joking manner. But I knew that there is still minimal seriousness in his tone.

By the way, as I was writting this blog i am still listening to Giac Mo Qua Roi by Trang.

Basically inside he just ask me why am I giving this kind of result and the mentality is not fucking hack care. After a long talk, he half motivating and half lecturing me and told me that group head is thinking of firing me. Alvin from KT team had helped me and say that he is willing to take me into his team, well I cannot say that  I was a little bit touched that there is still people out there willing to trust me. He say that although I had attitude and compliance issue but he think that I am the kind of person who will listen to reason.

However I gave a short thought inside the room and think that I should not be putting Alvin team into jeopardy since I had no motivation anymore. I told hansel i had thought of changing another career. I think it will be responsible for me not to hide this kind of thing anymore even if it means that he will sure ask me to leave. Anyway he gave me the option to either change to Alvin's team or to tender resignation.

Lathivan and my mum think that it is not a good time for me to leave. I should be earning and saving more before going. But I think there is again no time a best time. Base on my attitude I am just like a little gambler either leave the table while I am on the winning steak than to force leave due to out of chip. For my compliance there will be a time I will be out of luck. So you know I think it is wise to move on.

Nevertheless even though I didn't save much but i had checked a few useful perks for me to advance my property. Mum as usual not supportive at all in basically what i do. Wahaha. 

I guess i have myself to blame. So many job and opportunity but i just don't have the mentality to preserve. Fuck. My life is totally fucked. Whahaha. 



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