Dion and mandy bday plus farewell

Celelbrate dion and mandy bday. Visan and me got them pandora nad zippo lighter, they loving it so much. We set a high standard for present and think no one can beat us at that. 

Mandy also leaving us soon to join SIA as stewderess. Could very well be our last outing. And i had really encourage her to make the move because you need to explore more when you are young. I wasnt taught about that when i was her age. 读万卷书不如行万里路,行万里路不如阅人无数。

Gonna miss her. Like what she say, it will never be so much fun after either one of us away. Now only me and visan 相依为命了。 

This dec is the month i lose my "virgin". I mean first time i give up hitting comm. i said before missing comm is just like losing ur virgin. Once you pop you can't stop. I buffer more carry over to jan because my pay will be prorate due to compliance leave. Vietnam ho chi minh. We are ready, 万事具备只缺东风。and dong feng is expected to blow on 12th Jan. 5 days compliance, 厚嘢。booked preferred seats and lugguage space. So excited cause going to meet Van sister and family. And my snake heart, baby duck and dogmeat. 啊来啊来,来了咯。

This time just go without itinerary. Fllow my heart, stop over at cafe and bookstore, la kopi and read motivational books. Charge my battery back and come back chiong tiering. I am going to target my gross to go into 8k. Guess have to do more ntb, 100k loan and also 85% shield. 



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