Christmas 2013 and my fat ps3

Just jailbreak ios 7 with evasi0n7 and purposely installed the taiG version with china malware. Supposingly to have cracked and pirated software where a lot of user deter away. Enjoying my ios 7.0.4 now :)

Saw visan carrying this small prada bag and she got it for ard 900. Cannot be so cheap, she must have got it oversea.

Saw this cute sweet lying on her table. 

Okie. Basically spend my christmas day installing ps 3 and tv at home. Link up all the cables and even paired iphone with ps3 so that i can play youtube on ps3 using my iphone. 

Got the ps3 on ebay. Fat version 80gb + 2 wireless controller + bluetooth keyboard + 7 games + 7 blue ray for $181. Luv ebay for the cheap deal. When to buy my own game, the last of us and wanting to spend tonight at home pak game. 

Thanks van and jenny for the vietnam coffee powder. After using this, all i get is just authentic pure vietnamese cafe su dai. Anh yue em, muack!! The taste is so super strong i love it so much and i had 3 cup a night ytd. 

Kanasai, lucky draw never tio. Mary's bf got the first prize which is a pair of vietnam return air ticket. Fuck duck lo. I got twice almost kana. Just miss me 2 tickets number away. The first prize and 7th prize respectively. I almost kanna first prize lo. Now i have 1 less trip to go. Fucking duck. 

Countdown christmas at 36 and they have the party pack and spray can. We had a good time spraying people around. I got 30% wet as well. Mimi hiding inside changing room. Don't have like that one lo. 

Van went to universal studio today. Can she quit being so pretty? 



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