A journey of giving and not taking; marriag

A lot if people comment that marrying a foreigner puts your life into jeopardy. However marrying a local doesn't guarantee any much otherwise. 

A lot of people reckon that marriage will give women the sense of security but having a life long soul mate without string attached doesn't. Appearancely, isn't so. 

I perspective on marriage is wreakage. I agree. Coming from a broken family didnt help me to put things into perspective however this doesn't stop the fact that divorce rate is rising. It doesn't help that i am seeing a lot of my friend going through divorce. My ex gf is a good example of going through divorce twice and had completely given up faith for marriage. She had settled in living off with a companion without ever getting marry again. She realize that marriage had instead brough along complication and inconvience instead of the false sense of security. 

I realize that those of my friends who are coming from broken family like me had remain single till now. 30 yo and not married, something is wrong. Not like we are those kind who can't find ourselve gf but why are we still single? 

I think qinghe and me had the same mentality, our heart is shut and unreceptive, and we had lost our ability to love and commit. I think we just love ourselve more. Yong sheng could have a different perspective, he wants to wait for the perfect one to come along, he wants a flawless relationship as he us determine  not provide nothing but the best for his family. He doesn't wanna follow the foot step of his parent although he clearly knows that is nothing call the flawless family. 

I read somewhere that marriage is a preparation to give rather getting ready to receive. What do u think about this?



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