Year end appraisal for promotion checklist

Checklist checklist check check check. Citibank job is like too good to quit right? No. Actually it is just a small step I am taking to move to a better prospect. It is a break away from the "rat race". I still do not think that working for people is the way of life I want to be. Climbing the corporate ladder is just too mundane and it is not where I want myself to be.

Getting degree move to a stable well paid job and work hard for 8 to 10 years and become one in a managerial position get handsomely paid 7k to 10k a month. Sound not bad but just not my cup of tea. You can perceive me as trying to cut corners in life, but who say that you have to travel the path most travelled?

I was to be an entrepreneur and real estate investor. I want to have time to do what I love to do. I want to live my life comfortably without the need to care about money. I want to spend my weekend over at the beach with many nice ladies making out.

See being a real estate investor isn't easy. You gonna break it down. Investing in property even with bank leverage you need at least a 500k cash and monthly income of 30k for down pay on private and monthly mortgage loan repayment. So how to get a 30k income.

You need passive and high paid commission job. Passive income I chosen to have them coming in from entrepreneur in small medium business investment and subletting property earning rental yield. Say 10k from small business and rental yield monthly and 20k from a high paid commissioning job. Also I need to first have capital for investing in small business and in depth knowledge on property market. Hence I need a credit source for my start up loan which can come from borrowing from bank which requires me to have credit cards. I need to be a property agent so that I can learn the market and source for best rental yield deal around at the same time working and earn commission at the same time.

To be quality for credit card I need a job that gives me a monthly income of more than 2.5k and to be successful property agent I need to have leads on high net worth customer as well as a group of high earning circle of friend for lukewarm market referral. Hmmmm... sound like a plan. So how should I start.

Maybe I should find myself a job that earn me a basic of more than 2.5k plus commission so I can first get my credit cards approval for future credit borrowing. And also preferably a job where I can meet potential high net worth customer so that I can keep their name cards for future reference. Maybe the circle of work environment where all my colleague is earning more than 5k monthly for my lukewarm market. A job that is on finance and bank loan is a bonus. Hmmmm... Is there a job around that meets all these requirement.

Eh... why not be a direct sale officer at Citibank?

1. income more than 2.5k checked

2. apply for credit cards checked
3. colleauge with high income checked
4. collecting high net worth customer checked

5. get into a property agency checked

Send in appraisal for year end review promotion. All targets had been met with merit and I hereby recommend Mr Gary Ng to pursue a higher responsible role as a property agent. From the past years of observation and monitoring we believe Mr Gary Ng will be a man best suit in the position applied. We hope to hear from your positive acknowledgement the soonest. With no further deviation please sign off at the bottom of the page...



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