Visan birthday at paulander. With love

Hello world. Congrat to myself, last month managed to hit target for my loan hence i will be drawing full comm next month. Ntb is useful for exchange of loan, my loan really cui max, thanks fyn, paul and louis for helping out. 

This week schedule got good booth, 2 days at suntec it show. Hor ehh. Mega location, 40 over citibank dso on site! Over the span of 3 days i have had over 20 customer application. Thanks myself for working hard. 

After booth celebrate birthday for visan. We are so close and helps each other to celebrate birthday. Celebrate mine, jon and visan, now only pending for mandy's birthday. 

I suggest going to paulander since they are having liveband performance. I think visan will like the ambient there. 3 pint per person, we were toxicated!!

Like mandy had said, the group will never be the same if we were to left out either one person. Thanks mandy for reassuring that i wasnt ugly. It helps to boost confident a little. We plan thursday take leave off and mc to go one day trip out of singapore. Looking forward. 

Hee hee. Post a last photo taken with mimi. Mode high bar, yoz!!! Cheer and bottoms up :)



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