Singapore best vietnamese restrauant Long Phung

Local voted best Vietnamese restrauant and looking at the queue i guess it couldnt be more correct. 

Sitted along joo chiat road 159 and their opening hours had been revised to 11am to 12mid night at the point of writting. 

I went there thrice and the food is really good that it leaves me craving for more. Just avoid lunch and dinner crowd. You cannot believe the amount of people queueing for this small remote eatery. 

I went there with mum at 10pm and guess what? We still having 4 groups of people infront of us. 

I had over order the food as i want mum to taste some of the must try dishes of long phung. 

I shall not go into reviewing the dishes. That is the work of hungrygowhere. I just want memento the nice food for my future reference. 

But i am too dieing to show u my personal favor of all best plus chef recommendation. 

CAFE SU DAI, you can't claim yourself having the best of long phing without having a cup of the most authentic vietnamese coffee. Cheers and see you there. 



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