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Hey, i got a feeling MDA new frame work for internet censorship is a counter action on the new social media craze. I was taugh when i was young, do not trust the newspaper, it is pure propaganda. Before then i thought news are suppose to be true and relevant. Probably i was too navie back then. 

During election 2011, many netizen and young voters are being exposed and influented greatly under new social media and main stream media like newspaper and broadcast could not pull off their dirty trick like last time, the LKY time. After the popularization of new media, i notice news had been more transparent and contemporary. I begin to start reading back newspaper. 

Under MDA new framework, i think website with unqiue of more than 50,000 daily need to place security bond of $50,000 and if anything MDA think that is against racial, regilious or poticial harmony, the site is required to remove them within 24 hours...... This is so obvious a motivated move to remove anti government site. Garment still want to monoplise the pie. They never gonna give you up. 

I think i am standing with him on the kong hee part. He is a devil in disguise. I am supporting this campaign, mentally. It is too hot a topic to bring it on my own hand. I am not changing the profile to black, but my heart is out to wish you luck to remain your identity anonymous. 



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