Foreign bride or what they call mail order bride should be ban in Singapore

A lot have been spoken on marrying a foreign bride. I heard both sides of the story so ultimately, is marrying a foreign bride better or continuing to hunt within our local pool?

Brokerage marriage is like marrying to a corpse
 Firstly, not blaming on anyone. Singapore is just not a conducive environment to develop romance. We face competition in day to day work environment and we simply had no time. Just look at the early morning rush in MRT and the footstep of white collar rushing for work. Do we still have time sitting together for a nice breakfast?

Our culture had nurture meritocracy. Men  has a slow start into career due to NS committment. Women had grew independent with their own mind and now longer need anyone to provide for them. Women looking for marry up and men just can't stand women from picking up them from work due to chauvinism. The synergy of balance had been broken. Lower cast of men whom don't earn enough like me just do not have the luxury of picking girl from the local pool. Girls nowadays are smart and intimating. People like me just steer clear from them. Locals are too hot to handle for me, to say the least.

Report saying in year 2012, 40% of the marriage is coming from oversea spouse. Clearly, foreign bride marriage is on the rise. Older singles are starting to look elsewhere for someone to start a family with and taking care of them. 

Marrying a Vietnam bride come with perks like able to invest in land and property at Vietnam, house at vietnam is relatively cheap compared to one HDB we staying over in Singapore. We can bet staying comfortably at retired age and spend time living like a king in vietnam.

However not all marriage end up with a happy ever after. We also come across runaway bride whom main intention is to secure a permentant reaidency in Singapore. Our pink IC worth a lot as it can be the one way ticket to sail out of proverty. I felt women is an ultimate cunning creature, if they are set to fool you, it is hard for u not to take the bait. They are the master of deception, professional seight of hand and a born illusionist. They can act one all innocent but can lie straight in your face without flicking  an eyelid sending you falling into their endless pit of lies until you don't see a beam of light at both end of the tunnel. Carry out you due diligence and background check before trusting these foreigne brides. They have a world of weight on their shoulder, parent ricefield need expansion, cow is sick and sibling school fees all these is real world problem to them.

scarlett johansson (black widow) from avenger demo how deceitful a women can be at best

In my opinion I do not really support the ideal of marriage brokerage and I consider them as human trafficking. It is a little bit toward insulting and against human rights. Because some of the Vietnamese bride are leaving their fate to a complete total stranger with the possibility of a total abuse. You know getting a bride is cheaper than engaging a domestic maid? For maid you still moderated under law, entitles annual leave and medical benefit of course you still need to pay leverage to the government. For $10,000 you are almost guarantee yourself a mindless spouse that had to become the housewife and need to serve the needs of their husband including providing sex after marriage. They are not left with much choice cause the fate lies at the expense of their husband. On the sliver lining, they get their permenant residency in Singapore which subjected to 5 years renewal on the condition that they are married to a Singapore man. They man had all the rights to divorce them if they fails to provide sex after they marry as it is seen as marriage commitment. Worst if they had a new baby which will become a Singaporean, and with the kinship and bond the vietnam mother is left with no choice but to endure all brutality thrown at them in view that if divorce they will lose their PR and be sent back to Vietnam leaving their children behind in Singapore.

Why didn't government step in to ban marriage brokerage like what they do to ashley madison? The police is sending the message clear that selling sex during social visit pass is prohibited and once caught they will be deported and ban from entering Singapore but if you want to make it legit, you have to sell your soul and body for life to a Singaporean.



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