Citi updates and i am still on track

Kekee. Got my cards slowly coming in from Citibank, OCBC, Standard charter, Maybank and DBS. I waste no time in using them recklessly. You know the first time getting credit cards should let my hair rara for a little right?

Why applying so many cards and from so many banks? Because end of the year, MAS gonna kick in some regulation to restrict credit cards and personal. You can't get too high credit limit and you don't borrow as much as it used to. And it gets harder approval. 

Having financial insitute giving you credit limit for overdraft borrowing will be a financial leverage. For future investment or fund raising for project this is the proper source to get your credits. Moreover, singapore banks offers some of the lowest interest board rate. You ask the indians EP. They would promptly agree, just see they take up rate. 

Most banks offers 2x to 4x of your monthly salary and next year you can get only 12x your monthly income. 

Wah these 2 days i really "in your head, in your head, zombie zombie zombie bie bie" went grand hollywood then v6 then to v5. Party till 5am in the morning. And the have to go holland branch at 9:30am the next day. But overall going out with dso is nice. Feel like young again. And nowadays people quote me at the age of 25 - 28. I believe my mojo is having a spike this few months. 

Just suddenly felt like indulge so pull one if the dso to go sushi teh with me. Just randomly spent $80. At least now i don't have to worry about where to eat. 

Recently so many picture of myself taken at my booth. Reason being that boss is mirco managing me and want me to take photo share location and call with branch phone to make sure that i am not abandoning booth. Get a feel on me during working. 



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