Change long phung with my ntb alicia

Alicia treat long phung because i sign for her myself as an ntb. Of cos i gonna rip her off like nobody business. Her comm for me alone is 100+. Must make my first time worth while. 

Being alone is good. Zuo wu zuo bo. Drive around, shop around and dine around. Mian gao dai sibo. Spending money on urself is feeling so good. Pamper myself for my hard work and stop paying for people who don't deserve to be treated. 

One of the best treat is yummy yogurt, it is van's and my favorite. 3 topping always, cranberries, fruity pebble and gronola. Try! This is my best combo $6.10 nett. 

After city hall go dunno what ling goon jap place for sukiyaki. Dunno what ling ggon but just try out. I must agree eating in restrauant alone seems a little bit weird, like i am tourist like that. 

Dabao j co donut back for van and myself for supper later. Hao eh. This month left 2 days, and i am still 2 ntb short. But geh geh la. Ciao



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