Ashley Madison's ban is a double standard

I am a man of unrighteousness. I always tend to stand with the "dark side". I love this quote by 2 face, "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Batman trilogy. Beside i also believe that anything that is good in life is either immoral, illegal or fattening.   

I am so totally behind ashley madison tagline. Life is short, have an affair. Joking! I am not support adultery, but i am just opposing the ban for adultery platform, Ashley madison. I see it as a double standard. 

Recently, one of my friend commented on one of my posting. 

They claim that the casino is different from ashley madison and hence cannot be compared together. I think it is rubbish to say that what is more common accepted in our society would make something less sinful. 

Redlight district brothel is operating literally under broad day light and what about hotel 81 which promote short time by offering cheap rate for 2 hours span. All these shall be banned as well as there is no regulation on wether a single or married men can visit these place. Since assuming a married man can go short time with prostitutes then he had already commited adultery. 

Adultery mean having sexual engagement with someone other than their living spouse. Oh by the way, ashley madison doesn't guarantee you to be hitched and get laid. It takes both hands to clap, ie 2 volentery party. 

Just like casino, people who gamble will be attracted, people who don't, can't be bothered. 



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