Team CT reward dinner at todai

Okie. Time to talk about citi dso team CT. In citibank we have team from A to Z. Group head each oversea a numbers of team, vincent is my group head together with 4 other teams. 

I am under team C and is being lead by Hansel who will report to vincent. 

Top left to right: gary ng, paul lin, hong da, jeff foong

Bottom  left to right: Eileen chua, hansel (team manager), alicia tran, karine tan

According to what i had heard, our team had been along god like for top teams for a number of row and had all the people running for champion forum previous led by TM adam. Adam had been promoted to head of telesale at the same time I joined CT. 

In my defination, now we had 2 pillar from our team, jeff and hond da isi running for champion forum. Others were chopstick as they are essentially everyday bread and butter. For me, i am a toothpick. For convenient purpose nia. My numbers are damn ciu. 

Anyway, our team had the best culture compared to other teams which requires all dso to come back early in the morning 8:30am everyday, even need to come back on off day. Our team is all auto pilot, pillar normally don't come in office and they need not supervision. The chopsticks are consistant and hitting comm without supervision. 

For me i am the team's toothpick. You use it to conveniently remove meat stuck inbetween teeth, however you also can do without it. Or maybe when the table legs are shaky, you can stuck me below the legs for balance. 



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