Super sick

This 2 weeks my cough is so bad it just could get away. Despite i see doctor and get medicine, finished the course still keep coming back. Yesterday night got worst, my fever , cold and flu all came back at the same time. The moment i cough, the back of my head just had a sharp pain. The cough is so consistent and i am feeling not good at all. 

When i took mc during weekend, grp head say fire me if i take another weekend mc. Now i wait till monday then take mc boss say i am worst than a lady. 

Moral of the story, next time just super ab booth and dun report to anyone. Or ya. My second month comm sheet is coming out and it is in the office waiting for me to collect. 

Nothing to complain about. Recieved my second payslip and suprisingly i perform better than first month. Got 2.77 for comission. 3rd ntb number is very little, cshield comm will drop but i managed 170k loan!!!!!! Yeah



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