So many got crowned at 36

I want to dine inside equinox with my new purchased prada bag. That will be happening next month! How great it is ingulge in luxury lifestyle. You know i believe one thing, if you keep saying you are. You are!

A lot of people ask me why i do not want to find a local girlfriend. I also don't know why, i don't even propsect on one. I make exclusion to make sure that i don't even want to get to know one singaporean lady. 

Not saying anything wrong with local singaporean. They are good enough for me, just that probably i find myself not good enough for them. 

我们约会吧. Chai yang had been standing there more than 1 year. She and her nonsense. Then recently she got sucessfully matched with a guy. I kind of miss her and the show will be never the same without her. 

Using one of the many quotes she used. 彪悍的人生不必代言,我是蔡旸。虽然躺着也中枪,但是睡姿要漂亮。She is always so much of a surprise. She is gone for good. She will be missed by many. 

The landlord is soon going away for a 10 days business trip, i can enjoy air con, cable tv and hao hao noodle soon. Yeah. Recently a lot of the 36 singers are getting crowned. $500 flower! So happy for them. 

Hope mimi can hit her target and take home many many money so she can let her money jump jump when shopping. If not she is gonna moody again. 



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