Mirror of life made me look slimmer

Recently i am under an impression that i had slimmed down. Since poly i didnt manage to keep my a&f body liao. Maybe because of the mirror made me look slimmer. Anyhow show u the picture. 

Maube because my sleepless night, maybe because my focus at work. But if you wanna slim i suggest sex cause its anaerobic and cardio. I think lah. Mo i am serious. Sex made you slim. Don't believe take a look at osim igallop. 

I think reader miss me. My ex gf miss me. My stranger miss me. So today on "women" day i going to shine my picture here. 

I heard my boss ask me to go office at 8:30am??? I thought it is punishment again. Never know because tomorrow got award presentation. I do not know what award i will be presented btw. 

Citi is like a box of chocolate. You never know. 

This weekend i ab both booth at cck and admirity to spend time with mimi. Today i had my most disgusting meal at hagen daz. So fucking sweet everything. The brownies, the eclair, the ice cream and etc. maybe 3000 claroies in one meal. Fuck hagen daz. 

Mimi brought a lot of fruits we just spend time eating fruit and drink coffee while driving around city aimlessly. She was so tired she fell asleep on my lap. Since sat i ab cck, i was really guilty. I went back to oofice at 11pm and clear app till 2am. 

No one inside except for me preparing my paper work for submission. I am still short on my ntb and very much on my loan. Fucking cui. 

I am a motivated sales person, sometime i thought that i wasnt being pump at the correct booth. I thought maybe if i were to be placed at mega booth i can give result. Anyway, i am still contented with whatever i had right now. Don't be so greedy, nothing in this world is enough. Ay ya, actually how do you define "enough"? How many and how much is enough. As of dictionary.com it define as "as much as required". How much you require and how much you desire is 2 different thing. 

Nuff of my trash talk. 



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