It about food. Sota multi cooker

I brought the sato multi cooker finally! Retailing at $60 at expo food fair. Sat booth at audio house so get to set the unit again, this time did bring enought to buy it. 

It is said to able to stream rice and 2 other dishes in 10 minutes. For the price they give u an additional stream tray and bbq plate. This unit claims to be able to stream, broil, fry, bbq and even hot pot. Could it be an over statement. 

Tried myself streaming fish, tofu with minced meat and hao hao noodle after the water below boil. It didnt manage to cook properly the first 10 minutes so i try adding 10 minutes, then still see some red on the minced meat, i go for another 10 minutes. 

I suspect because my sea brass was too big for the tray, it didnt close properly and i think without proper seal, the food may takes more time to cook. Anyway, after cooking i tasted the food, although not heavily seasoned, the food is cooked and taste not bad. Not too blend. 

Today van brought me to long phung vietnam restaurant at 159 joo chiat road. Well i ate a few times vietnam cusine and find that the food isnt nice so i was not specially elated when she bring me to the place. When i got there the place is packed with small queue outside waiting for seats. 

But i think the place is those super authentic vietnam so the food turns out to exceed my expectation. Well, it is delicious with spices very leaning to sour side. They use a lot if lemon, lemon grass and vege. Most of the vege is still quite raw but i believe their culture is like this. I think raw vege is more nutrious and less oil less fat. 

Typically vietnam and thai people are slimmer in profile. That is maybe why recently i got an impression i slimmed down. 

See i did look slimmer okie. Anyway, i felt that my body although not lean but i do look good. I got a lot of comment recently from other people that i look ugly. Normally ugly people is very conscious when people say they are ugly, this time i really don't think that i am ugly hence i am really not affected by their comments. Wahaha. I am not ugly. I am handsome. Funny why people always think i am ugly. Fucking man. 

I realise van is very light eater and weight conscious. She take a lot of vege and fruit. I mean she only take vege no carbo and stuff. She is skinny and i don't like. But she say that she yu berg and di berg. Okie lo. I agree lah. See the food she eat i wanna puke. Hot water boil all sort of green and without seasoning. The diet resemble a horse and cow diet. 



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