I had activated 8th gate for loan target

Ice cream lah. This month still lack behind loan for 25k. I already cu pattern 101 liao. Still no one wanna take with me. I offer instant cash back within one hour, give 2% also bo lang wanna take from me. Fucking man many many nowadays. 

Today i spend most of my time asking to swap loan with ntb. And the rate is kind of robbing people in board daylight. Wah sibei evil. Boss say ntb is hard to come bu but loan he can do with his eyes closed. But that is him mah, not me. My eyes is fill with passion open wide wide for loan but all ice cream lah. But i do feel some referral and existing coming from my old customer. 

No one is an island where a "city" that never sleep. It is literally that case for direct sale. We need to camp in office for the 12am midnight clock strikes. It is the golden timing. So good to zomm other people's loan memo. If you loan is being "zomm", you consider to have "pheu" the customer. Then u really "ice cream" liao. This is the termiology you need to know when being a sales officer, "hor eh", "li zai eh la". 

End month all dso proficency open till 300% gate max. One day can approve 10 ntb and for me, my loan is able to meet comm target on the last 2 days. This afternoon at changi business park, i opened rock lee's 8th gate. 

"八門遁甲の陣, Hachimon Tonkō no JinEnglish TV "Eight Inner Gates Formation" naruto). Any shinobi who activates this state will temporarily gain powers greater than a kage"

I saw slight grim of light waving me to hitting comm this month. 



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