Hensel "walk in suit" and sept citibank comm sheet

Yeah! 3rd month comm sheet is out! I am having a slow increment on my commission. This month comm is $3,422 and adding up to my basic $2,600 i had cross my $6,000 mark. Yeah!! This loan my loan helped me. Thanks uncle teh!

Some dso is getting 16k income a month. I am still super far away from all the top sales.

Month oct, i am quiet worry. I hit my ntb sop but having almost 85% cs, i am guessing the ntb attrition might affect my overall ntb. Furthermore i am still 30k short on my loan. If i don't hit my 60k loan i might miss 60% of my commission.  Super lots pay cut for next month pay. 

5 more days and i am keeping my finger crossed. 

  • 你戴上了金箍后就不再是凡人,对世间不再留恋。
  • 曾经有一份真诚的爱摆在我的面前,但是我没有珍惜,等到失去的时候才后悔莫及,尘世间最痛苦的事莫过于此。如果上天可以给我个机会再来一次的话,我会对这个女孩说我爱她,如果非要在这份爱加上一个期限,我希望是……一万年。


    Hansel, my boss pass me his personal blazer and he so call the "hansel suit", walk in chance +300%, chrisrima +70%, cross sell ratio +65%, user get auto segregation from other DSO. Loan skill level up and increase to critical rate. 

    My point is the suit hansel wear is suppose to bring me more loan and walk in rate cause hansel is famous for running champion forum without fighting. He just stand at banner and customer will walk in to him. I tried it for the first time at Ion orchard and sale increase double.

    End day number 6cm 29cc(21) 5rc 1clear. 5NTB 5Booked 0reject 90% credit shielded. 




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