Got punish because pot luck with mimi

Top beauty in 36. Mimi and marry. Stumble upon 36 with yeo boon leong once when we ab booth at katong 112. The place grew on me as the place is uncle style. Not so rowdy, all keeping to themselve, of course hand not to themselve most if the time. Wahaha. Oh ya. Beer is cheap as well. 

It is a place okie for me to sing 掌声响起 and 流水年华. Somemore let other people to sing along with me. No people discriminate me for my passion for oldies, even felt being appreciated for loving oldies. 

I wonder why yeo boon leong is so blended into the philliphino gathering place outside vivocity. This guy got pork by citi cause his gf, a maid brought him home to hanky panky. Then subsequently joining OCBC and became super slacker inside. 

Never know sushi tei serve so high quality sashimi. I always thought they like sake sushi standard, opps i was wrong. 

Highlander at clarke as 3 of us is having off day on the same day. At least i unlike someone just ab booth. And it is just entertain to see boon leong got pissed when tyna ditched him thrice for supper. But u know three is a charm. We finally got the chance to hang out together. 

It tyna, mimi and marry for supper!! That night i super handsome. Boon leong and jon, ni zai eh lah. 

Boon leong and mimi like the mv 恋爱达人。kekeke. I am being punish for late to booth on the saturday where i suppose to be there at 11am, i only reach at 2:30pm. I sneak around nex to eat hot pot with mimi. 🙊🙊🙊

I am tired. Have to report office everyday at 8:30 for one week. Peace out and stay tuned. 



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