Citibank got bronze rookie price

So nice to get Citibank recognition. I was presented with the bronze awards for rookie challenge, NPS rating 9-10 category and 100% positive comment from mystery shopper. NPS is the after sale service survey done on random customer to rate the sales person how likely they were to recommend to other friends for the service rendered. Max point is 10 and I am in the 9 to 10 category. For Mystery shopper they will come to sales person to conduct compliance and product knowledge and the service etc, I got 100% which is i think very good.

Both of us were on the off day and we decided to go to temple to pray and ask question on the path ahead, both of us asked on career advancement. Of course my question is how the future look with me switching to property market as an agent. This time I got a very good draw.


l 若求職問工作在何方


l 若問工作、事業前途


l 若問創業可否


Suddenly craving for queenstown ice cream so we went over to get a couple and eat. Using my piggy fund to spend. Piggy fund is the saving tin i had around 2 years ago. Sometime the pocket is full with coin, I just causally drop it into piggy bank. Today decided to dig out all to see how much I can spend on piggy.

Make a guess on the picture how much do you think I have inside small piggy. To my surprise, it subtanious enough to amount to $100. Surprise surprise. We spend almost all 20cents coin amounting to $20 to buy yoghurt and movie tickets.  

ADV: Do not fall victim to loan shark and gambling activities. Game harms your families and your love one.

Ending the day with one nice shot taken at hagen daz. Nice off day spent. Loves....



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