30th birthday

A year pass quickly, the previous year celebration at medez is still vivid and i am already celebrating my 30th 大寿。As usual low profile celebration with a couple of friends. This year spent with 36's boss and they are having bikini night as event. 

Facebook is greeted with wishes from those i most expected. Some unexpected, haha. Mimi had brought me a pen as my balenciaga been spolit by my colleauge. It had so much sentimental value loh. Now it just lay livelessly in my pen. Been searching for pen repair service in singapore but in vine. 

Month september numbers is dreadful. Been sick for 2 weeks, on some days i can't even speak. Luckily i have loan to cover my commission for september. I had to buckle up for october because it is my lock on month. 30ntb and 60k loan. Scary. Mimi earning more than me, i had to concentrate more on working like she does. Hao hao noodle with tomatoes , lime, chilli sauce and eggs. This month i want to eat you. 

Palm oasis is selling at 1 million and it is my target to own one myself. Designer concept and efficient space management. This is mot a dream anymore. 



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