V2 with Nguyen thuy trang 阮翠庄

As much as I do not believe in suan ming (fortune telling) but it do get me upset why am I always getting bad result instead of good one. Why is fate always putting me down? Can't I have one good time fortune telling me I can do it and yes this is the time to venture to the option that I want to go.

Before I reveal my result I want to introduce trang from V2. She is the singer from V2 and she is the actual singer type of singer. Not those come to work and label as singer kind of singer. She is so pretty and sexy. Wanna share some of the song she sing during competition at Vietnam. Honestly, I do not know what the hell she is singing.

She recorded 2 chinese songs in my chang ba. Go listen and rate is she professional okie.

没那么简单 2:29sec

错的人 5:01sec

Anyway, I met 阮翠庄 at Bugis temple. She brought flower to pray inside the temple while I can't be bother because I always do not believe in any religion at all. But for the fun of it, I decided to go and try out.

 I ask about my result if changing to property agent is good. then the result is basically saying it fucking bad idea. How demoralization right. It say my life is meant to be hard and tedious. fortune is bad, blockage in my deal. How relevant to the question I ask right. It more or less affect me a little, but I don't care about the result remember? It is the process and I had already went so far taking the wrong step, so fuck it.

That day went with Qing he to V2 again to watch soccer, then he went back early, so I a bit drunk so I went to 山瑞之家, eat turtle soup and crocodile tail, one person eat, totally to 60plus, damn expensive loh. But I think it is really worth it. So tender and smooth. I believe the money was well spent. A little bit disappointed that I did not prepare my platelet due to drinking too much beer already.



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