Royal 2 on Billy ang wedding briefing

Time flies, already 7 years since ORD. Bobo we and ADF mates had known for 10 years already. Recently so long than got a chance to meet with with the ex HQ drivers because of Billy Ang's wedding. I will be going to be a brother for the second time. Billy brought us to tries out of brother shirts. Saw Andy Lim, Vincent Ang, Billy, Neville, Qing He.

Bring them to Lao Sishuan to try the best China food I ever put into my mouth. Drink like a China man. So many bottles of beer until I was drunk before reaching the next station.

And all the people in the restaurant had not been seeing me for a long time, so all of them came out to welcome us. Even treat us a bottle of harbin.

Vincent ang, neville and andy lim

billy ang, me and qing he

After lao sishuan, we went to royal 2 with qinghe's friends and all of us stood around due to the house is fully packed. A tower after another after another like 10 plus over towers. I can't recall how many people is there. Last part saw two ladies dancing like on drug like that, unknowingly just ask them to join us to supper and realise they were dancer from taiwan. 

3 pots of thai hot pot and all standing around to get a piece of it. I even stand on the road side to eat while standing. Crazy lots of peoples. Some singer and dancer from Thai just followed qinghe to eat, don't where he got to know so many people. 



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