Mooncake for autumn 2013

Mid autumn coming soon, yeah!! Its always one of the festive i love most. Because my name have a "qiu" and also it always the same month as my bday. In another words, my bday is coming soon as well.

Got my pay so when spee a little. Well, i don't really have the time to shop so i use during my working lala time go shopping around. Since working as dso, i do not short of opportunity to be at shopping mall. Cause most of the time i am at shopping mall. Further more i can shop while traveling on train using my ebay app. I shop for bag, kitchen applicant to handphone skin.

Just got myself a port international briefcase. I am going to Yoshida head porter next.

I also got a new ipad mini, a leather case and also a good pair of in ear from ultimate ear.

It is so nice pampering myself with gift. I am too not buying stuff for myself. No one take care me. I need to take good care of myself.

Been sick for the past one week. Loss my voice completely and having bad cough and sore throat. Feverish and running nose. Could be common cold i think. Been raining these few days.

丽江 will be my next holiday point. Hope to 重走青春. Wish to go oversea soon. Hope can have my compliance leave soon. Miss training group. So long never gathering liao.



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