Yeah, got my first full month (July) paycheck. My commission for the month total up to $2070 + basic $2050. I am happy although I am not the highest. Jonathan got $5000 + for commission alone.

 Due to the different nature and perspective I could not get so much as he give many cards per customer and plus shield plus loan. The full august month i expect to get higher as there is buffer from previous month and loan amount starts coming in. However, these 2 week I am quite slacking and AB most of the booth. Gonna buckle up till end of august.

Going to office early like 7:30 to clear my forms today. Hope good sale come later at TPY.

These few days chiong until I wanna puke. Very awfully chocolate. Shanghai dolly is not bad place to hook OL. Hee, Get to know 阮翠庄 at V2. The name I like it so so much. 翠庄,she really sing very well, so my first virgin flower I give to her. Hee

Recently addicted to anything that have soup. Enjoying hong kong style.



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