Passed RES

Yeah! I so happy that I had passed my RES paper 2 retake. I was jumping up and down in Tiong IBC. I so happy that I want to treat people to go Ikoi Japanese restaurant. Decide to invite the group chat people all go and eat!!

That same night went to Buffet town with Qinghe to celebrate. We had the oyster buffet and sashimi buffet that I always wanted. Finally, craving got satisfied. One more things took off my checklist. Replaced with a new checklist for this year. I am planning to buy a Honda CR-V before going to start RES. Hope my sales and commission is able to pull this off. Now the total loan ratio of 60 had kicked in, to buy a Honda I need to work super hard!

Love the work and the people working with me

This job is draining and if not for the people working together and the payout, I had given up. And I love my team CT lead my hansel, not like other TM so regimental. Kind of let us auto pilot as long as your number not too far off. I need luck for loan like seriously. I am the worst performing loan loh.

Since working in CITI i had been pubbing non stop. Someone please help me, too many distraction for all the DSO liao



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