Vegetarian is killing animals more often then you think

My last article is on the common discrimination from domestic pet owner that eating exotic food is cruelty. I left off at why being a vegetarian will not solve animal cruelty. This is my reason.

A lot of vegetarian is vowing to reduce animal suffering from human harvesting them for food. Eating vegetarian which do not have nerves so theoretically  they are free from suffering. But I believe there is collateral effect for vegetarian.

First, fuck those vegetarian who visionary is to against animal suffering but still taking dairy products, eggs and cheese. This by product from animal cause animal suffering (as accused) as well. Those that follow strict vegetarian diet that avoid all animal by product is causing animal suffering indirectly and they are as sinful as meat eater in my opinion.

There is a study on the per unit calories vegetarian required from livestock cause so much more animal death compared to meat eater.

Creating space for agricultural will require killing off animal territory which disrupt the natural animal habitats.

With more agricultural land, more chemical and pesticides are required adding to pollution to the environment. Wash off got into ocean and kill marine lives.

 Livestock natural habitat like snake, rats, birds and insects are killed in the process. Often die in a slow and painful way.

So just stop the nonsense of being all gracious like you are actually reducing animal suffering by turning vegetarian diet. Vegetarian are in self denial about their detrimental effect on animal is just that us being the meat eater is honest and open about it. Fuck vegetarian.

Killing 1 vs killing 10,000. There is still blood in your hand. Suck it up man.



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