Res exam paper 2

Yesterday night burnt midnight to study from res exam. And like what i always do, watch a full movie before going for exam. Its really a nice idea to free myself from stress and make good for more mugging of books and terminology.

Yesterday watched "the machinist" by Christian Bale, and i am impress that he can slim down from 90lbs to 50lbs. Almost lost half of his body. He is famously known for able to manipulate his body with ease. I am impressed by his regime and determination.

Went in for the paper 2 today and felt the paper is not what i have practised for the sample sort of differently structured and asked. A lot of common sense answer but works against me because I had been training for the sample paper's format and so I cant apply common during the exam. I do have confident to pass with single sitting. I am pretty sure that t is almost unfair to fail me for my effort in my study.

Realtor, I almost going to be.


  1. I think good RES exam resources are hard to come by these days, and the syllabus by CEA keeps changing (due to the changing regulations and policies by MND, MAS, etc).

    However, I have always found Mister Exam ( to be a useful resource for RES exam preparation and hope that this useful resource would be useful for everyone taking the exam.

    Good luck.


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