Domestic pet abuse VS Human food manslaughter

Sometime I feel very ironic for people's reaction to the food I eat. Do not call me sick but I have to confess that I had a "thing" for eating exotic food like, dog meat, turtle soup, kangaroo. People give me the "look" like I am the most sinful person with no compassion for animal. Yup. recently I went to China for my first time in my life to try out dog meat.

Dog meat soup only cost $3 SGD 

And well if you are wondering how dog meat is prepared, do not wonder away. I searched for the most disgusting video available after the break. Please to warned about the graphical. Animal lover please do not view it.

WARNING!!! Explicit graphical dog abuse

Don't get me wrong. I do find this video disturbing and sickening to swallow. I do felt sick in my stomach. However this do not deter me from eating dog meat. I felt that this should not have any relation in me making decision to eating them. This is some sort of promotion video that is meant to make people have the wrong impression on how eat is processed. I believe out there, people still had compassion and I really believe that the dog had been properly killed for food. But I could be wrong.

You know if you now enraged and think that I am sinful and sick for still eating dog meat. I want you to slow down and give a thought about the poultry, beef, chicken and the egg that you eat very day for your "balanced diet".  Hence after watching the video, please do some soul searching before you start discriminating others for cruelty. 

WARNING!!! Explicit graphical 

Who give you the right to make domestic's pet life more valuable and scarcer than human cannibalism? Suck it up!! Know you role and shut your mouth. Well, if you think that vegetarian can remove you from the sinful thoughts than I will explain in my future post about why it is equally wrong to be a vegetarian.  



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