Valentine + CNY 2010 feat. CLP

2nd day of New Year and CLP isn't in Singapore with me. Already start missing her. I wonder how am I going to get through her 6 weeks immersion program in Vietnam? 14th of Feb, Valentine day she was away to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. We celebrated in advance.

Went to Seng Siong to buy food, includes many yummy like lobsters, prawns, abalone, mushroom, crab meat and etc. Anyway, it meant to be a big feat. So all in all, I spent $66 for all the stuffs. Head home and start preparing.

Indian Xiao Long Nu

The prawn was the killer, cost $17 for only 400g (9 prawn)

Okie, I should say it was an long and tiring process. Preparing of food and ingredient includes fussy step like thawing, cutting garlic, ginger, slicing of fish etc. I had not been using the rice cooker since Australia trip. I don't claim myself to be a person who can cook really nice food, but edible at least. Better than CLP whom only knows how to cook eggs. Wahaha...

Well, it was supposed to be a candle light dinner. I had all the concept ready you know, like replacing table lamp as candles to create the romantic ambient as well as reducing fire hazard at home. Well, I suppose it was cubersome and I ditch the idea altogether. End up it was just a normal home cook meal which we did together. Well, in between we both got a little agitated by each other but end of the day we sort of talked it through. Thanks for CLP for so understanding and tolerances.

By the look of it, it doesn't really looks romantic dinner

Make me sometime wonders, am I a romantic person?

I guess probably not. I guess a person could not be romantic and practical at the same time. I am a very practical and rational person. Take for example I would never give a rose as a present. I think that it only last for that moment and then you throw it away. I would rather spend it on some material instead. At least its practically usable and tangible.

Also, am I a good boyfriend material?

Heehee, to be honest with myself. I don't think I am a boyfriend material. I think I made a good acquaintance/companion. I tend to take person I know well for granted. I don't know why.

New Year eve went down to Chinatown to literally 'feel the heat'. Do some last minute shopping.

Lastly, a animated gif of Liping wearing different glasses that each of us had brought. She looks pretty in everything. Love you deep deep... Muackxx and a happy Valentine to you.



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