Hacking N82 v31.0.16

Hacking N82 to install unsigned applications

New site for signing found, go here:

* An unhackable phone
* A OPDA cert, here you can sign apps online:
* Except for cert+key a .bat file so you can sign is included in the package.
* Time
* Some brains

How to do it:

1. Use sign!.bat and follow the instructions(IMPORTANT!, YOU NEED A OPDA CERT)
2. Install MapDrives_v1.00_DiskAdmin_signed.sis
3. Install Jbak TaskMan 1.00
4. Copy MapDrives.txt to E:\
5. Copy your installserver to E:/Hack/sys/bin/installserver.exe
6. Start JBak Taskman software and go (-> -> Program start -> search & select MapDrives -> Press More -> Programs Rule -> select "AutoStart" -> OK)
7. Restart your phone.
8. Delete MapDrives and install 8_MapDrive_Y_signed.sis (for N82, N95, N95-8GB, E71 (all phones with Y: drive, else, 8_MapDrive_H_signed.sis if you have H: )) and then start the app.
9. Install 9_Modo_0.50_signed.sisx and copy Installserver with modo to Y:/sys/bin/ (create directories if needed, of course it will be H: if you installed H: version)
10. Restart phone, and install(no sign needed now) 10 ROMPatcher.sisx or other Caps On / Off solutions.
11. Copy installserver to C:\sys\bin\ after you have used capsoff in BiNPDA program or other programs, then copy the sys folder from Y: / H: drive and restart the phone. Also copy 11 Open4All.rmp to E:\Patches\
12. Have fun!


This is tested working on: N82 v31.0.016, my(ToJa92's) E71 110.07.127, N-95-1 V31.0.017 and more to come...


v1: Original release.

v2: I have updated the pack slightly, now you only need your cert and key file, I've made a batch file using signsis.exe file as base. So for mac you'll need to find another program.

v2[hotfix]: Fixed a little issue with the bat file, thanks to dzano for pointing out..

v2.1: Updated with Open4All patch.. Thanks to cnrv77 for patch(even though I found it some time before him ) Also shrinked MapDrives.txt, and slight update to Sign!.bat


Disabling Shutter Sound after hack

1. Turn on "Caps Off"
2. Open X-plore
3. Goto "Z:\Private\10202be9\101F8809.txt"
4. Copy the file to "C:\Private\10202be9\101F8809.txt"
5. Edit the file "101F8809.txt"
6. At the end of the file, u will find the line

0x7 int 1 0 cap_rd=alwayspass

7. Then change it to

0x7 int 0 0 cap_rd=alwayspass

8. Save the file and exit X-plore
9. Turn on "Caps On"
10. Turn off "Warning tones" in ur profile
11. Restart the phone.

Now it's done & No more sounds in camera!!





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