zn5 vs n82, who better??

Tonight there will be a fight out between 2 top notch mobile claiming to be pioneer mobile producer. Motorola zn5 vs Nokia N82. Both company were among the first to reproduce handphone years ago.

Accredit to Chin Liping for generously lending her new brought for me to compare between my N82. Her K810i obviously would only try to chase my tail light was now out of the whole picture. Really compare with K810i really no kick.

Before we start off our one on one, I would like to point out that both camera was really really good. Both have their strong points and bad points. zn5 was its unbelievable shutter focus, shot to shot less than 0.5 sec. Shot to shot I mean from time taken to focus to the next shot. N82 was basically good and vibrant color be it day shoot and night shoot but then, focusing to shot to save about 2 - 3 sec. But still very fast if you compare to other model of Nokia.

Marco Shoot with flash fight 15cm

N82 takes very good marco, color was vibrant and sharp through a bit over saturated. Xenon flash was very well spread and picture was not over exposed by its flash.

zn5 marco loss out a little on this field. Although color was natural without much deviant from the actual stuff, but flash was more concentrated at a particular section.

p/s: to take note that the picture object difference in material, one is mat while one is shiny, so you can't really compare as there might be reflection interference.

N82 Marco with flash

zn5 Marco with flash

ZN5 flash sometime will get overexposed when in marco.. sometime only

Marco Shoot without flash 15cm


Very close Marco, less then 5cm

Flash shoot

under low light without flash, both is good, but zn5 seems a little little noiser. 100% crop

Food moderate distance
n82, I like its takes nicer food picture
zn5, not bad but i think it losses to N82

n82 100% cropzn5 food 100% crop

Total darkness indoor shoot

N82 take total darkness like breeze, it effective lit up a whole bedroom

zn5 flash was a bit too high, it looks like it was taken in the day. Pro and Con depending on your situation. I guess it do a equally well job.

It easy to compare how both these phone handle low light condition by zooming it to 100%. This is the actual size zoomed at 100%. zn5 on the right won by displaying lesser noise to N82 on the left.

Low night without flash light

n82 handle low light without flash better.

zn5 low light wasn't as bright as n82

N82 low light without flash 100% crop

zn5 low light without flash 100% crop

n82 lost in this one due to out of focus..

zn5 winner but I think a bit no point also




Night mode scenery
N82 night mode was clear and has relatively low level of noise.

zn5 night mode was brighter, but color more saturated


For conclusion is that, there still ain't no conclusion. That's no clear cut winner. In term of camera,

I would prefer zn5 for its quick focus but I have to live with its short coming on low light shooting condition, furthermore its battery life was slightly better than n82. Did I mention that its has very very good quality for music play back through earpiece??

N82, 'wan neng shuo ji wang'. Every function on the phone above average but I had to live with its size.

After reading this, what do you think?


  1. Anonymous12:13 am

    There is conclusion. The more expensive phone is still better. Noia and motorola, which brand society prefer?
    zn5 camera only win n82 in terms of taking pic in total darkness and it's 'focus' speed. For the rest, u sounded like n82 is the best pick.
    Good quality music playback is another factor to admire for zn5. That's all ):
    Compared to N82 review from u, "every function on the phone above average"...
    wah, obviously, N82 is better la.
    But zn5 owner will still love zn5. No choice but to love it.

  2. Anonymous1:24 am

    u no manner sia!

  3. Anonymous7:28 am

    I just realise that bearbrick blogskin is actually quite nice. The words is neither too small nor too bright :)

  4. I don't know but I think I will prefer N82 as a overall performer bah... Zn5 is only for daylight shoot.

  5. Eh if you want bearbrick one right... i do one better one for you all... All browser also can see one... cos now one not very good constructed.

  6. Anonymous1:29 am

    hey! nice reviews! I really enjoyed it haha I have myself an N82 also best camphone ever I think... too bad nokia isnt using xenon flash on other cameraphones... what do u think about a review on samsung's pixon 12 and sony's satio?

  7. satio is out i think, after reading much review I don't think its an upgrade to change. I rather stick back to N82. Pixon 12 isn't that bad, but considering on the overall performance, I am not too keen to change to that also.

    Samsung has a 12mp xenon flash model w880, coming real soon with optical 3x zoom. It has dedicated s priority and a priority. I may wait to the release. Probably 2nd quater

  8. Anonymous5:21 pm

    great review thanks it just shows the n82 is still king.

  9. Anonymous11:38 pm

    I am planning to buy c901. What do you think? Is it better than n82 and zn5?


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