Fujifilm S1500 picture sample

Miranda relentlessly psycho me not to buy second hand. Now I brought a brand new set liao. Happy already??? (nevertheless I still thinks second hand are more worthy). Reason for buying new one not because I had been convinced to, but because I really find some good deal on new set.

Proudly present, Fujifilm Finepix S1500, prosumer camera which comes between point and shoot and DSLR. More manual setting compare to "Sa Kua Ji" but len not as define as DSLR.

I am considerated amatuer photographer, neither am I very passionate to go into digital arts but the fact that I always like to try out new things precursored me to buying such expensive ($388) all inclusive camera.

Fujifilm S1500 although made in china, but among its class, it offers the lowest budget with much option to play around with. My majority interest was it mega zoom ability.

With its 12x optical plus 5.7x digital zoom, typically a good range for me. Anymore zooming is not practical as picture taken sure blur unless you use a tripod. Len fully zoom almost longer than my erection -_-'''

So without further ado, let's see what I had taken for the past 2 days. All pictures below will be taken with Finepix S1500 resizing to 600 x 400 for width band consideration. Reso taken at 5mp unless otherwise stated.

First see protrait... Me and Hari... we looks like the "Dua ah peh" and "Di ah peh" I turning whiter and whiter since working at Changi, and slightly fatter also.

Chinese corner.. Shan Feng on the back and Zhang Hao at the fore front. Then yandao in the center :)

One thing I find very useful is when you need to zoom in to better focus on your object. You see the tiny Winny red box. With 12x zoom you get this:

Of course if you like, you still can focus in some more using digital zoom with some pixel compensation. Well far or not, you judge for yourself.

Okie, funny thing. You don't want what you can find at the construction site.

What's all this yellow things on the floor, zoom in a little....

"What lah. Can't see... Zoom in some more can?"

Is this fucking close enough? Okie it is taken with super marco. Basically you can take 0cm away from the len. Am I so lucky to find DIY beads at the construction site. Of course free, so let's get to work and see what can I made out of construction resources???

WAH LAU!!!!! Si Not BAD de LaH.... Help my blog promote a bit. End product looks like a hand phone strip or a key chain. Really very nice lah.

Day shoot of course the camera handled like breeze, but more tricky when comes to the night shot. You need to do a little bit setting before you can get a vivid bright night shoot.

Though the len doesn't have really good field of depth, like making the object really stands out from the background which you can easily achieved by using DSLR. Prosumer camera do give some entry level tweak that makes your picture stand out a little bit more compared to point and shoot.

One technique I was exploring is the slow shutter panning. You uses slow shutter to blur background while panning on a object to try to achieve a sharper focus. Like that one below.

Its hard to get the cyclist focused cause you have to pan precisely with the cyclist speed.

Or like this one where the focusing was on the lorry and background deliberately made blur to stimulate object on the move.

Very slow shutter speed like this one I uses 6 sec to create clear night mode without the interference of moving car, cause the car is too fast to be captured on camera due to long shutter.

Last but not least, tweaking aperture and focus point.

p/s: my mother watching funshion on my laptop..... till I polish up my photographic skill, I shall post again.


  1. wa lau eh! WHY PUT MY PICTURE!

    ANYWAY, welcome to the fujifilm family! hahaha..


  2. Cause you don't buy second hand mah. so you ask me to buy new one mah, like you loh. thank you very nice ")

  3. later ppl tot is i say one leh! tsk. haha. anyway. good lah. at least u bought something new. can u can sing.



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