F1 grix girl "HOT"

Yeah, since its a "once in a life time" opportunity to see F1 race in Singapore, I decided to blog about F1 today!!!! Excited right.. :)

So beside the lighting fast F1 car that interests me, I guess the next on the list will be the F1 grid girl "). Nice car goes well with beauties right? No actually everything goes well with beauties except me :( So this grid girls will be assigned to mingle with the crowd and those paparazzi. Purpose is to beatify those picture we took during the race. So if the car is too fast to be captured, as least you caught some pretty chicks on your camera, making your trip down worthwhile.

Yeah, well said.. So let's get a sneak review on this year Singtel F1 grid girl candidates.

Wah. drooling liao right? Fat hope lah.. Let's do a reality check. You think we can get this kind of standard in Singapore?

Yeah.. That's more like it.. Local production. You never really expected more, did you?

"Emphasising that it is not all about looks, fellow grid girl, undergraduate Lim Siqi, 22, says: "We are not the prettiest of the lot but we are more real. We look more like girls on the street, not supermodels, so people can associate with us better."

Not bad.. Very brainy answer. But seriously still very CMI. Grand prix don't need girl that are so "approachable". You need those in customer service department. We need beauty to pose for the shots beside the car, not stand there let people approach you. It definitely spolit the picture a lot.. So it is definitely all about looks...

Are they picking the most prettiest or are they picking the least ugliest. I think its the latter. Although the result you get will be the same, but the title suits better for this round of selection.

Among 44 candidates, finally, the following girl had been crowned the "least ugliest awards"
Don't believe she is the least ugliest? Click here

But, don't be sad. National rally also states that Singapore had a deficiency in local talent. This also apply to our local beauties. Seriously, you can't afford to be so picky when you had only limited numbers of potential candidates. Now ask ourselves, do we still blame government from nurturing foreign talent like Lee Jia Wei when the result of using local talent turns out to be like this?

p/s: I am going to Vivo tomorrow~ *roll eyes* , no actually in a few hours, YESSS!!



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