Last Tuesday, I went to bowling with RSP student. And I broke my latest record. 174 leh. Nabei, I never know I so li hai sia.

I had 5 strikes which 3 of them are consecution.
2 spare,
so total of 10 turns. I cleared every pin in 7 turns.
the minimum pin I down for the round is 8pin..
I am really li hai.
I spotted this behind bugis street. very nice so I took a picture of it.
If you think this is some kind of cultural artifact, you are wrong. This is a chocolate fondue. But to me, it looks like a staircase handle more.
This one sibei 'gaolat'. Sibei famous 猫山皇。 Behind bugis street 3 for $20. Really very nice. If wanna eat durian must go there. Cheap and nice. Somemore the seeds are so small. You see...
Liwen tried to open but in the end get a little bit only.

Recently, a lot of project...



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