Helped out the COI opening event and help to wrap gift and do goodie bags. After so many session we had finally finished. Mr Koh sponsored our dinner. And we gonna order pizza hut.

He intended for 25 person with minimum 2 pieces each. End up some of them went home, left the 8 of us. So basically our mission is to finish up the 10 boxes of pizza hut. To make the challenge a more difficult one. 20 pieces of spicy chicken wing was included. We ate to our brim. I even da bao 5 pieces back for my mum and dad..
As a warning to all student studying in NP. See, I believe you may come across this SET right. To rate teacher according to their performance. It was stated that our respond was kept confidential. And I suggest that you better not think so. I personal experience was that I offended my course manager when I gave bad rating to her. She summon me to the office a few times. I didn't turn up lah. I think she is super angry with me. And maybe IAP interview I gonna see her again. Maybe till then, I will settle the comments of SET with her :)



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