Credit goes to Vincent Sim for teaching me the technic to play around with focus on my NK 6500.

I didn't know until he told me that I can actually bring the focus point of my handphone camera off the center. If you doesn't really know what I am talking about.. Let me explain a little bit in details.

when you are take macro picture, which you focus an object a a very near distance, it will automatically focus the object in the center. At the same distance, you move your camera to place the object using the 1/3 rules. You will then achieve a different feel on the picture. Because focusing object in the center is very dull will eventually lose it's emphasis. Therefore 1/3 rules are becoming popular in recent era of photography.
An examples of bring focus to the side and applying 1/3 rules.

These 2 picture show the different effect on the focus taken at the same place.

I am optioning Flash Application in sem 2. It is a application that allows you to create animation on the webpage. It is useful to people who blog and like to create their personalize animation and useful for people who want to learn to use other programme to present their work in class rather than the usually dull powerpoint presentation.

with flash you can:
create rollover menu on your blog
create interesting and interactive presentation
create games
create animation and banner

and the list goes on. I am trying to arouse your interest to applying that for sem 2 becasue they need a minimum student to start a class. Please help me to help you. Select flash application okie..



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