Recently, my 4th uncle called me telling me that my father go and borrow money from my 4th auntie. I wasn't surprised and I also don't wish to know what is he up to. So I never care less.

Today my 4th auntie called me and brag about my father. I felt sorry for her but at the same time, I laughed at her stupidity for lending it to my father. She should know better than me. If me and my mother can give up on my father, I don't see why she can believe my father that he is going oversea to do business. They should have known that my father is the infamous con-man in our family tree. Blame it on your greed.

I am not disappointed with my father, at least he is smart but in the wrong way. He had the courage to do all these and I don't have. He has the sweet talk look and and persuade other and I don't have. So what to do. I just don't care less.



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