Does Alien exist??

Have you ever wonder that there will be other kind of life form in this universe other than human being. Do you think that there are more superior life form that is more clever than us. So do you think that Alien exist??

Common word to google: Roswell incident, Area 51, Alien conspiracy, Crop circle

These are a few topic that I researched a few years ago. And the more I read from the article made me believe that there are hard facts that Alien exist and the US government and CIA is trying to cover it up. What is the conspiracy behind all this?

In my opinion, I believe that Alien exist. I believe that they are very intelligence creature that had IQ of 1500 on average. They technologies are like superior and they are doing a project on Earth. They coned the first human being on a area call Earth. They want to research us. At somewhere in this universe they are watching us. We are only back tracking their technologies.

From time to time they visited the Earth, as you can see that some people took picture of spacecraft and UFO. Crop circle are their marking on Earth that only Alien understands. They created virus and illiness to control population on Earth.

To find out more please go and search on the words that I provided. Happy holiday..



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