Ytd went to chinatown, people mountain people sea. Si bei dou ren. Nothing special but happen to brought a sunglass. Make me so handsome until I a bit pei seh. Haha. See bo bluff u right. Look like Edison.

Joey really quitted school liao. Kinda miss her small eyes and shake head action. Hai, nvm come across a poster. Thought of you. Dedicate this poster for you.

Today, big damage on my wallet, went to Jurong East Entertainment and saw this very elegant phone. Can't take my eyes of it and brought it for $220. I love its metallic look and its feel. Holding it feel just so right. Another thing to compliment is it semi-auto slide function. Just a little push and pull is enough to close the slide cover. Swift and sharp. Average ringtone but the animated wallpaper is really a nice eye candy to look at. In the day, a Singapore merlion is displayed with bird flying across the sky, upon night time, it will automatically change to night display with shooting star. Really two thump up. Only con is the unreasonable short span of battery life. For middle average usage, only can last up to one day. But give and take, with such slim phone, how long we can expect the battery to be :(



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