Yesterday I didn't sleep reach home ard 6am from Mac. Then I was about to sleep right, suddenly my whole unit power failure. So I went to check the circuit breaker and look for any power trip. But I didn't find any. But I can feel that the breaker is super hot. I make a good guess that the whole circuit breaker had a blown fuse. Later I found out that nowaday in all unit, the breaker no longer use fuses in it.

After 3 hours, my father decided to call up a technician to fix it, after asking around we called the person who is willing to do the job for 100 dollars. My bastard father who always disapprove me of riding asked me for money. I bluff him I got none. Then he ask me to ride my bike to Mount Faber to take it from my mother. Now he realize to have a own transport is so 'fan pian' liao loh. I am lazy to go loh, so I decided to withdraw from my bank. But I only got 60 plus dollar. I tried to ask from one of my good friend which he/she told me she/he don't have. I think its an excuse. Don't lend don't lend loh. I go and dig my ang bow. So total I manage to find 120 in my house. My father happily take it and pay to the technician. He seem not to have any intention of returning it to me liao. So end up, my mother need to pay me bad. What a bad father he is. Useless piece of shit. Fuck you, Father.. <-- my father not anyone's father. No offence.

After the technician took out the fuse out.....
The wire had blown into piece. Proving my saying of "exploring" is technically correct.

Look how shack I am, haven sleep yet leh, still must help the CB sweep floor and mop floor.

Anyway, all the complain aside. This week this the New year any bow toto.. Total price of $1000,000,000. Hope I am lucky enough to Tio. If Tio I wanna buy car, do handphone business, "bao" actress ... ... ... ... ... ...



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