We had our reuion meal at afternoon, cos both my parent all working today. They will not be home till mid night. And I will be alone for my Chinese New Year Eve. Mother work 24/7 a year everyday from 8am till 10pm. No complain at all. She is a good mother and so hardworking. But I think she pamper me too much till now I am so lazy.

We seldom cook and frying things make our kitchen oily. So we turn to a more convenient and healthy eating style. Therefore we will have streamboat for lunch. Look how amateur she is. Noob, hahaz

Ya, so ytd went to Egline house to help Ronnie celebrate his birthday. Why did he come to Ngee Ann when his house is at Sergragoo Garden? Do u know how far it is between school and his house. Okie Very far.

His house is very big. A three storey high smei-dettach. And he is so cat to hire only one maid. Definitely is maid abuse loh. One maid for a three storey high house. I think she will have tonnes of job to do. IE, cut grass, water plant, change water for fish pond and sweep the garden. Ya, these only cover for the outside. We haven consider the inside yet. Not very use to the house, have to climb up 3 level to reach his room, crap.

So they buy one Vodka and one dozen of beer. I don know if its call one dozen, I know its 24 can. They play game and drink beer, basically they are tired of the game for taking so long. They change to spin the bottle. Who ever kana, drink. Later they felt its boring, and order those who never drink anything, drink. So why play game, might as well just drink. Hanz is the first to vomit. He drank half a glass of hard liquor. I dun think its wise to drink like that but they insist. So I think is that glass that made him puke. Everyone advise me not to drink so much cos I will be riding later and well, I think I am only 5% to drunk after everything. No beer no fun, but at least they worry about my safty mah.

When to some market near by to eat. I tried out some candy shot from my U600. EEEE, the photo looks crap. Exposure too long, tend to make all my shot blurred.

Take 2 sec for the auto focus to work. And I can't disable it. Sucks Ball.



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