Finished CT test 2 today. Overall, I am happy with the effort I put in my study. So no worry with the results. Haven't been updating blog cos there are too many homework and project to do. Done with most of my presentation except for ECA. I must praise myself that I start to get use to presentation already. Maybe a couple more time, I will get more and more confidence.

Ya, yesterday when for the scholarship talk given by "Sembcorp". A MNC company based in Singapore. Mostly on the enviro and water fields, I wasn't the enviro type one, but their offer seem really attractive to me. Well, I dun think working as environmentalist as long as they pays me well. Maybe is a good career prospect. That's a lot of potential high flyer applicants around. Hack, I will just apply, just play by ear and see. So let me see if I got any nice photo to upload....

Sorry, I have none.



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