My friend Hazel on newspaper.. Shocking

Today while I was reading the chinese newspaper "Sin Ming" I came a short an article that draw my attention. I saw hazel and her boyfriend picture was on it. The story as you can see from the newspaper that Hazel two timed her husband (which is in jail) and runaway with her current bf in the picture below. They were caught taking and procession of drug "escasy". They both run away together into Malaysia maybe that they dont have proper paper doc so they can't work in Malaysia and have to beg on street for money and food! and they suffer in this state for 1.5 years. Wao, and now she is carrying her second baby from her current bf.

newspaper article that i saw
you can see that they are the same person

notice that her bf had a 'mark' on his head.

this is hazel with make up, different right.

this kinda shock me and why do I have all the friends that had so many story behind them. Sigh.. Hope she is fine and behave herself...



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